Dell Inspiron i3252-10050: Versatile and affordable

Computers become smaller and more powerful with each passing year, and that’s exactly what the Dell Inspiron i3252-10050 is trying to convey. It is the ideal home computer, as it allows the family to browse the web and enjoy all of its content without worrying about response times or storage capacity.

Main features

It features an Intel Quad Core Pentium N3700 1.6 GHz processor, with 8 GB DDR3L SDRAM, 1 TB HDD storage, a DVD-RW/CD-RW drive and 6 USB ports, 2 out of which are 3.0. This CPU comes with Windows 10, Intel HD Integrated Graphics, a 5-in-1 Media Card reader, both VGA and HDMI ports, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

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Dell Inspiron: Ready to enjoy

Despite not coming with a monitor, the Dell Inspiron i3252-10050 comes with a Dell KB216 English Wired Keyboard and a Dell MS116 Wired Mouse. If you do not have a monitor, then you can try hooking it up to a nearby TV screen and set up a multi-function entertainment center.

  • It is designed to meet most if not all of a home’s basic computer needs and most low-level gaming, such as Steam games and Minecraft.

The Dell Inspiron i3252-10050 is a great deal overall. It is a sound choice if you need to set up a basic home office for yourself or the kids. Among major-brand CPUs, the Dell Inspiron i3252-10050 is one of the best when it comes to meeting basic needs and even going the extra mile by being extremely comfortable and easy to install.

  • Easy to fit in any room: When it comes to physical design, the Dell Inspiron i3252-10050 is just great; it can pass off as a large book on a shelf, as it is compact and easy to accommodate.
  • MS Office and McAfee trials included: For starters, the Dell Inspiron i3252-10050 comes equipped with a Microsoft Office Trial and a McAfee CB LiveSafe 30-day Trial.

The only downside is that it lacks an expansion bay, so it is not possible to install a second DVD drive. Fortunately, two DVD drives are rarely a necessity nowadays.

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Another detail is that the Dell Inspiron i3252-10050 is designed to be compact, so its inner components are soldered together, so upgrading is not recommended, although its RAM is expandable to up to 16 GB.

One of the Dell Inspiron i3252-10050’s selling points is how easy it is to set up. Besides, it has a specialized inlet airflow to ensure that its internal components are kept cool and running smoothly. This means that the Dell Inspiron i3252-10050 will hardly become an annoyance.

You can go ahead and order a Dell Inspiron i3252-10050 Mini Desktop on Amazon right here for $280.00 plus shipping. You can also select a 1-year warranty, which is highly recommended when getting new CPUs.

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