A quick guide to learn the best hoverboard tricks on your smart-balancing scooter

Hoverboard tricks

You order your brand new hoverboard online and wait for it to arrive. But when it does come, you realize you don’t know any tricks and want to make the best out of your purchase. Don’t trouble yourself trying to figure them out by yourself and follow this quick guide to dominating all hoverboard tricks.

It may sound foolish to some, but learning tricks on hoverboards can be as challenging as any skateboard. The difference, of course, is the motor and manageability between a self-balancing scooter and a skateboard. Still, there’s plenty of new ground to cover when it comes to learning the best hoverboard tricks.

First, you’ll need to figure out the basics of hoverboarding. After getting through the first steps, you’re ready to start learning some cool moves.

Hoverboard tricks

The Best Hoverboard Tricks

One of the most famous tricks for hoverboard users is the 180 degrees flip. You can do this while riding your hoverboard or just standing still. The method consists of turning your hoverboard 180 degrees with one foot while your other foot reaches the opposite side.

Mostly, you would turn your hoverboard with your left foot while changing your right foot’s position. For people with more experience with their hoverboard, this trick is primary. So, you can try it while riding your hoverboard, or while spinning in place.

This will not only increase the difficulty level but will also make you look cool as hell if you manage to do it. In case you don’t get it on the first try, you’ll greet the floor, so remember to use the adequate protection.

Not all hoverboard tricks have to be as extreme as a hand stand

Another cool hoverboard trick is to jump and turn your body 180 or 360 degrees, landing on the hoverboard without falling. This trick is rather an adaptation from skateboarders, but it’s harder to do on a hoverboard.

Also, many hoverboarders and even YouTube influencers have tried jumping from one hoverboard to another. Even though most videos of people trying this trick fail spectacularly, you can have all bragging rights if you manage to do it. You’ll only need two hoverboards and plenty of patience.

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