Are flying hoverboards going to dethrone real hoverboards?

Flying hoverboard vs real hoverboards

Everyone knows that hoverboards currently in the market do not float. But as the emerging technology continues to escalate, real hoverboards are more likely to hit the market sooner than we thought.

Technology companies have already started showing off their hoverboard prototypes in cool videos and even social events. As far as we can tell, there are two primary candidates to take the throne from the self-balancing scooters.

Real Hoverboards: Introducing the Hover Bike

First, there’s a hovering bike, allowing the user to ride it as a motorcycle. This, of course, with the small difference of riding it through the wind instead of roads. Then, there’s the flying hoverboard, which is a big drone.

Real hoverboards in the near future could look like the Malloy Hoverboard

This drone can lift a person up to 20 ft off the ground. Recently, in a soccer game in Portugal, the latter was demonstrated before the initial kickoff. What’s more, the flying hoverboard allows the user to control every movement with a remote attached to it.

While the “hoverbike” and the flying hoverboard are still in development and testing phase, ground hoverboards need a revamp. Even though the first hoverboards to arrive were not the levitating boards from Back to the Future, there’s still a chance.

Flying Hoverboards vs. Real Hoverboards: Timing is all

If hoverboard companies do not address the fact that real hoverboards will flood the market as soon as they launch, they should, immediately. However, the price tag on both hoverboard prototypes won’t be cheap.

The estimated sale price could be around the thousands of dollars, making it unobtainable for most people. Still, the ones who can afford it will buy it, no questions asked. But before we can talk about hoverboards hitting the stores, there’s plenty of documentation and permits to obtain.

Given that flying hoverboards could pose a more dangerous threat to both users and spectators, the permits can vary depending on where you live.

In addition, each state could release certain regulations for hoverboard use, as many have done with the self-balancing scooters.

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