Best Memorial Day discounts on hoverboards and monitors

Latestboards offer you the best Memorial Day discounts on hoverboards and more

Knowing what your money can buy means you can spend it wisely on the best Memorial Day discounts. And learning how to stretch it can make a difference. You can choose between getting just one device and getting three for the same price. We’ve compiled a list for all tech enthusiasts who want to take advantage of the best Memorial Day sales on hoverboards and gaming monitors.

1. Levit8ion ultra 7.5¨

The Levit8ion Ultra counts with top-of-the-line technology as well as safety certification by our UL compliance. And its UL 2272 safety certification makes it a proud member of Levit8ion hoverboards flagship.The hoverboard’s durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame is capable of supporting plenty of weight, perfect for adding features as the hoverboard Go-Kart conversion.

The Levit8ion Ultra comes with Bluetooth & Speakers


Its 7.5-inch hard rubber tires make the Levit8ion Ultra an all-terrain hoverboard capable of riding through rough roads with maximum comfortability. This Memorial Day you can get this beauty for the low price of $299.99 with no shipping fee! 

2. Levit8ion X and X Plus

For hoverboarders wanting to ramp up their skills at an affordable price, the Levit8ion X brings a full package, with a smart balance feature and greater stability. With its practical size, the Levit8ion X is the best way for beginners to start hoverboarding as well. For this year’s Memorial Day, you can save more than half the price. Get your own for the low price of $269.99, a 50% discount from its original price of $549.99.

Levit8ion X brings over 12 miles of smooth travel per charge

Levit8ion X Plus brings a new and improved battery from the South Korean tech giant, Samsung. The new Samsung battery module makes the X Plus travel greater distances without the any risk. With a fast charging time and up to 12 miles per charge, the best discount sales come from Levit8ion.

The X-Plus hoverboard is now selling at $299.99 from the original $599.99. Compared to the Levit8ion X, the X-Plus also counts with an all-terrain capacity. Moreover, it has a bigger form factor to increase stability. Get yours now before they ran out, and join the hoverboarding community.

Compared to the Levit8ion X, the X-Plus also counts with an all-terrain capacity and a bigger form factor to increase stability. Get yours now before they ran out, and join the hoverboarding community.

3. Hoverwalker III Go Kart Conversion

The Hoverwalker from Levit8ion lets users convert their regular hoverboard into a smooth-riding Go Kart. Selling for $59.99 this Memorial Day, the Hoverwalker is the perfect add-on for kids of all ages. The Hoverwalker Go Kart Conversion kit comes separated. Besides, it does not include a hoverboard, it’s a perfect gift for all hoverboard owners.

Levit8ion's Hoverwalker converts a single hoverboard to a Go-Kart

4. Dell c7016H FULL HD Conference Room Monitor

The C7016H 70” Conference Room Monitor from Dell is the go-to console for busy entrepreneurs. Also, it’s the best ways to seize the best Memorial Day discounts. Its 1920×1080 resolution is perfect for video chatting and multi-tasking in between screens.  The c7016H from Dell features a DisplayPort, HDMI, USB and more. Consequently, when we talk about high-quality monitors, there’s no place for cheap. However, Nov8Tech offers a significant discount with a $1,799.99 from $3,199.99.

the Dell C7016H sells for almost a 50% off this Memorial Day
Dell c7016H FULL HD Conference Room Monitor offers the best for people overwhelmed by Internet meetings. Image Source: UPCitemdb

5. Dell Inspiron i3252-10050

The latest piece of tech from Dell, the BLK Mini Desktop, offers all advantages of a regular desktop. The desktop comes equipped with a monster 1.6 GHz Intel Quad Processor. In addition,  the BLK has an Intel Pentium N3700, 8 GB RAM, and  1 TB HDD.

Also, Dell Inspiron comes with 1 TB HDD Storage and 8GB DDR3L RAM included. Notably, getting the Dell Inspiron, plus the Dell Full HD Monitor, it’s the bees-knees for maximum computer revamp. The Inspiron goes for a $349.86 sale, and it comes without a monitor, and with Windows 10 Operating System.

BenQ ZOWIE is the official brand of gaming monitor for MLG Counter.Strike GO
The BenQ ZOWIE Gaming Monitor offers gamers the best solution for great graphics, low FPS and a monster Graphic Card. Image Source: B&H

6. BenQ ZOWIE 24″ 1080p LED Full HD 144Hz Gaming Monitor

For gamers, this Memorial Day brings a great deal on gaming monitors, with the BenQ ZOWIE Gaming Monitor. It comes with a 1080p LED Full HD 144 Hz and its certified as XL-series for eSports Tournaments. The ZOWIE is synonym quality and endurance, and it counts with a certified refurbished. The sale price for the BenQ ZOWIE is $304.99, and it comes with a gift-wrap option for presents. The BenQ ZOWIE is the official gaming monitor of the MLG CS GO, as well as many other MLGs.

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