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What’s the fastest hoverboard currently sold on Amazon?

When thinking about the fastest hoverboard, one can only filter them by thinking about its top speed. Most hoverboards go just little over 7 miles per hour to ensure the safety of the driver. For experienced users, it becomes easier to control high speeds without crashing into a wall or another person. Additionally, it is not […]

Mark Cuban Builds Own Hoverboard

Mark Cuban recently announced that he is launching a Kickstarter campaign for a new hoverboard range by May 31. If you are wondering how this new hoverboard is different, well, let me count the ways. Mark Cuban Hoverboard’s Defining Feature: High Price For starters, the new hoverboard, which Cuban named as Radical MOOV, will cost […]

What’s In a Name: Hoverboard That Does Not Hover

There are always people who are grumbling with the way we call hoverboards, well, hoverboards. The idea, according to this group, is that the contraption does not hover at all so why in the world would we call it as such? On Levitation Certainly, the above argument makes a lot of sense. The hoverboard that […]

SKQUE 10″ Smart Hoverboard

The SKQUE 10-inch hoverboard is quite popular for a reason. Its big wheels allow for a number of advantages that guarantee better hoverboard experience. For instance, you get to have better balance and stability, making it perfect for those who intend to use it outdoors. In this condition, there is an increase risk of falling […]