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Which is the best hoverboards for kids?

Children are fascinated by hoverboards. But we know that they are not always safe for them. It is important to know which are the best hoverboards for children, as these may vary in size, price, and overall reliability. Kids do not need the most expensive hoverboard, but they do need the safest. First of all, […]

Why are Fidget Spinners such a big hit in the United States?

Fidget spinners

We currently live in a world where trends can make a profit if the timing is right. And many businesses and manufacturers can take advantage if they work hard and capture the right moment to supply high demands.  With that in mind, the creators of fidget spinners saw a window of opportunity and didn’t hesitate […]

Does riding on hoverboards count as exercise? Try these hoverboard exercises

Since the hoverboards started gaining popularity, people wonder if they can be used to exercise. Although most hoverboards don’t allow too much freedom when riding it, they can make the rider break a sweat. Most people claim hoverboards provide the same exercise like walking, while others say it’s no exercise at all. Still, most people […]

Are flying hoverboards going to dethrone real hoverboards?

Flying hoverboard vs real hoverboards

Everyone knows that hoverboards currently in the market do not float. But as the emerging technology continues to escalate, real hoverboards are more likely to hit the market sooner than we thought. Technology companies have already started showing off their hoverboard prototypes in cool videos and even social events. As far as we can tell, […]

Police Indicts Dentist In Alaska For Extracting Tooth While Riding A Hoverboard

A dentist in Alaska found himself in hot water after authorities learned that he was riding a hoverboard while extracting a tooth from an unconscious patient. Identified only as Seth Lockhart, the dentist purportedly sent a video documenting the process to his office manager. The police also found similar footage in Lockhart’s mobile phone in […]