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The hoverboards with the best Bluetooth speakers

We all know that not all Bluetooth speakers work properly. On the other hand, some have a Bluetooth connection that works perfectly but the speakers are poor quality and it’s simply not worth it. If you are a music lover, then you definitely will want a nice hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers included. But, what’s the […]

Hoverboarding 101: How To Fix Broken Hoverboards

Fixing your broken hoverboards' software is tricky, follow these steps for maximum efficiency

A hoverboard is bound to experience many problems in the course of its lifespan.  Especially if it has been subject to much abuse, any hoverboard might need some attention. The most common of these involves broken hoverboards not booting up. Without any significant damage to the technology under the hood, the issue can easily be addressed with few simple steps. […]

Hoverboard Safety: Things You Should Know & Look After

For a brief period, retailers didn’t sell hoverboards for safety reasons. There were reports, for example, that some scooters began catching fire. Hoverboard safety became a paramount standard to enforce in all manufacturers.  Fortunately for consumers, increased regulatory scrutiny has enabled more stringent manufacturing process. Now, products hitting the U.S. shores have a safety certification […]

Galaxy Tab S2 8-inch

The Galaxy tab S2 released summer of 2015 impresses with its light and thin design, great AMOLED display, powerful performance with its fast octa-coreExynos processor good for media and gaming consumption and Samsung added extra features like decent camera, fingerprint sensor and side-by-side app implementation.   The Pros It has Gorgeous Display, good performance and […]

VTech InnoTab 3S

The VTech Innotab offers exclusive software designed for your little ones to help them learn and at the same time unleash their creativity. It allows kids to stay connected with their parents with the VTechs KidConnect software. The Pros Memory Card Slot Rechargeable Battery Smartphone app allows parents communicate with the device Wi-Fi connectivity Compatible […]