Does riding on hoverboards count as exercise? Try these hoverboard exercises

Since the hoverboards started gaining popularity, people wonder if they can be used to exercise. Although most hoverboards don’t allow too much freedom when riding it, they can make the rider break a sweat. Most people claim hoverboards provide the same exercise like walking, while others say it’s no exercise at all.

Still, most people must define what exercising is and how can it help their health. For the little ones, it’s a great exercise for their legs and cognitive functions. Hoverboard’s self-balancing feature trains the hippocampus to stay on balance. On the other hand, hoverboards might bring a fresh use for the elderly. As growing old takes away certain freedoms in mobility, hoverboards might be the answer.

Hoverboard exercise

How can my hoverboard provide a safe way to exercise?

With the UL 2272 safety certification gone viral, most hoverboards assure the product is safe to use for people between 10 and 60 years old. Instead of strolling, the hoverboard can offer a smooth ride at a max speed of 10 to 12 Km/h depending on which hoverboard you get.

Nevertheless, it’s a great way of taking a stroll through the park without the risk of falling or getting tired. Even though doctors recommend people to stay active and walk at least half hour on a daily basis, taking the hoverboard for a ride won’t hurt.

What’s more, buying a hoverboard will introduce you to new places. With the hoverboards from our friends at Nov8tech, you can get a top quality product to exercise or just have fun with it. You can also get creative and discover which technical applications for your hoverboard you can apply.

From standard house shores to film like a pro, the hoverboard can assist you in more than one way. There are also a few “add-ons” for the hoverboards with the latest design. These include a Go-Kart conversion kit as well as a bike add-on for your hoverboard.

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