If you are in the market for some item, say a Nintendo Switch or a hoverboard, then this post is for you. Since you can afford to wait; you are in a better position to take advantage of tech deals, vouchers, coupons and sale campaigns.

This is especially true for tech products. In fact, retailers in this industry are some of the most generous outfits when it comes to discounts.

This is best demonstrated during the Black Friday event. So, the volume of tech deals during this season consistently trounces the record posted the year before. In 2016, for instance, Target sold 3,200 discounted TVs per minute. All of which happened during the first few hours of the retailer’s Thanksgiving opening. In addition, way more than that were sold in 2015. Amazon, for its part, has shipped more than 100,000 on sale toys immediately after Black Friday.

But Black Friday only happens once a year, you will probably say. That is, of course, true. However, this does not mean that you will have to wait that long. Snagging a deal or a price cut for a gadget you have been eyeballing can go throughout the year. The reason is that retailers are aggressively competing against each other and holidays are perfect opportunities to gain the advantage. The advertise products through sale events, doling out coupons and vouchers in liberal amounts just to reel consumers in.

How frequent are tech deals offered?

To put things in perspective, in 2017, there are ten officially recognized federal holidays. These exclude minor and popular events such as Mother’s Day. Most certainly, this does not include retailer-specific events such as anniversary sale and payday sale. This week, for one, Target is giving out discounts to commemorate Star Wars’ 40th anniversary. Consider, then if a retailer holds promotional campaigns to celebrate each of these milestones.

With these in mind, you can map all important events and holidays and time your purchases according to the schedule. The sheer number you should be able to come up with should give you more opportunities to snag a deal.

Nov8tech Sale

I would like to cite an experience. I subscribed to the Facebook page of Nov8tech, which is one of my favorite tech stores. Recently, they have undertaken a site-wide redesign and to commemorate the launch. They are offering incredible deals for a wide swatch of tech items. I was able to get as much as 50% discount for a new computer monitor. And, it was promptly shipped to my doorstep in three days.

Certainly, some retailers seldom offer any discounts. But we cannot do anything about it. If you want an iPhone or a MacBook, for instance, you should brace yourself for a long wait. You see, Apple is quite stingy when it comes to discounts.

Overall, we just have to pay attention and be wise about our purchases. Because it will let us save more and give our hard earned dollars more purchasing power.