Hoverboarding 101: How To Fix Broken Hoverboards

Fixing your broken hoverboards' software is tricky, follow these steps for maximum efficiency

A hoverboard is bound to experience many problems in the course of its lifespan.  Especially if it has been subject to much abuse, any hoverboard might need some attention. The most common of these involves broken hoverboards not booting up. Without any significant damage to the technology under the hood, the issue can easily be addressed with few simple steps.

Hoverboard Troubleshooting: LED Light

Make sure first to check the blinking LED light because this feature indicates possible internal failures. For example, if the indicator flashed once, that means there is a loose cable inside. This problem can easily be solved once the casing has been taken off.

Using a screwdriver, methodically loosen the screws. Most hoverboards have 18 bolts, so be sure to avoid losing one. Once opened, you will see several electrical cables. Disconnect and reconnect all these, then reboot. We recommend you to do this systematically from one corner to another due to the number of wires to be covered.

Fixing your hoverboard's issues need patience and the right tools

Fixing Imbalance

Another common problem that seems to pop up in hoverboard reviews is the way the hoverboard starts beeping while flashing red light. This code means that there is a discrepancy between the left and right sides of the hoverboard on account of an imbalance in the scooter’s gyroscopic sensors.

The solution here is to calibrate the hoverboard. This process is all about getting both sides of the scooter in sync again. The following video will show how this can be done.

Some problems require more advanced fixes than others. For example, if the LED light blinks four times, then you need to take a trip to a repair shop. Act fast, because the blinking LEDs indicate that one of the wheels needs a replacement ASAP.

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