Hoverboard vs. HoverBike: Pros & Cons

Even though hoverboards are a relatively new item in the market, the fast-pace of emerging technology is pushing the boundaries of what people perceive as a breakthrough. Smart motorized vehicles such as Levit8ion hoverboards have a new competitor stepping into the ring. That’s right, the HoverBike, an upcoming project on Kickstarter is catching everyone’s attention.

But why? Simple, the HoverBike might be taking the hoverboard experience to a whole new playground. It combines the features of a segway with the convenience of a bicycle. The latest ‘trend’ from Kickstarter projects is not out of the woods yet. And soon,  people all around the world will start giving reviews. For now, let’s take a tour through what the crowdfunding website offers to its sponsors. Then we’ll contrast it with the best hoverboards’ specifications and features.

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HoverBike’s Pros & Cons

Close to its final goal of 15K and with almost 85 sponsors,  the Hoverbike project is taking Kickstarter by storm. With only three thousand dollars to go on its campaign, the project will probably meet its deadline sometime in June. The HoverBike offers people a new and more relaxed way to ride your hoverboard.

Featuring all characteristics of the bike we all grew up using and love, the HoverBike takes the cycling experience one step further. It allows the user to breeze through any open surface with its motorized bicycle simply. This is a significant breakthrough for the HoverBike founders in Miami, Florida. Nonetheless, it’s thought to say if hoverboard companies were not already working on a similar design. Nevertheless, as the old saying goes “first come, first served.” And even if that does not apply to all Kickstarter projects, it did for Hoverbike.

The hoverboard-powered bike comes in simple parts so you can put it together yourself. It also comes with a friendly manual containing all you need to know to build your HoverBike while learning how to operate and ride it.

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Hoverboards have most of the market dominated

Considering how excited we all were when the hoverboards first came out only a couple of years ago, it’s worth mentioning how the trend has kept a steady pace. And what’s more, companies such as HoverBike have taken the hoverboard as a base for a new product or add-on.

Some people think driving a hoverboard-powered bicycle is portrayed as an improvement over a regular hoverboard. Others claim the complete opposite. Most people might believe that a hoverboard-powered bicycle is safer by definition. However, Levit8ion hoverboards count with a safety guarantee from our UL 2272 compliance. Thus, making the hoverboard extremely safe, by itself.

Still, we have to wait until deliveries start coming in July to get the first official reviews and proper tests. Some say the bicycle add-on for hoverboards restricts too much movement. This may cause some users to retract from buying or investing on the Kickstarter project. But that’s why the Hoverbike’s prototype is easy to add and remove.

Levit8ion Hoverboards offer its drivers state-of-the-art technology sensors to improve drivability and overall control. With its practical size, the Levit8ion X is the best way for beginners to start hoverboarding. The model X has a bigger form and hard rubber tires. Therefore, it allows the user to ride through rough terrains, without losing stability. 

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