Levit8ion Ultra Reimagines The Hoverboard

Careful not to disturb an existing successful product, many hoverboard companies are content with following the tried and tested formula. Generic + safe + competitive pricing. This is not exactly a wrong thing because it does keep the profit flowing. What it adversely affects, is innovation in the case of the Levit8ion Ultra.

By playing safe, these companies are leaving consumers with the best hoverboards, featuring incremental changes. With multiple upgrades over the course of several product cycles. For this reason, we are suitably impressed when the Levit8ion Ultra, a 7.5-inch self-balancing scooter, was released.

Unique Hoverboard Design

With the Ultra, you will immediately notice the difference from the get-go. It is rocking an entirely different look that you can expect to stand out amid a hoverboard-riding crowd. Of course, that is if you managed to get one of this scooters in time. The Levit8ion Ultra is consistently selling out immediately after new stock hits the store shelves.

You will notice that sharp lines dominate the appearance of the scooter. However, these lines are tempered by the inclusion of graceful curves such as in the case of the handle (which doubles as an LCD) and the mudguards. Overall, the impression is a futuristic, industrial hoverboard that no one can ignore.

Levit8ion Ultra comes in different colors (Green, Blue, Black, Red and White)

Levit8ion Ultra: Power & Performance

Levit8ion Ultra gets its power from a 7.5-inch brushless inductive DC motor, which allows the hoverboard a 15KM/H top speed. It also gives Ultra the capability to traverse different surfaces and even upward slopes. We particularly liked this high level of flexibility.  It makes it easier for us to recommend the product to a wide range of consumers who have different uses for this type of motorized vehicle.

Now, Levit8ion claims that the hoverboard’s range is 20 kilometers. We felt obligated to test this feature, and you will even get more from the battery if you are not using the Bluetooth feature.

The Levit8ion Ultra's removable battery module makes it easier to charge

Other notable features include the UL 2272 certification. As well as a detachable battery that allows you to swap another module for extended riding range.

If we are to label the Levit8ion Ultra based on what immediately comes to mind, we can settle for the word “ambitious.” This hoverboard wants to break new grounds, and for this alone, we want to commend it. By succeeding in this task – with a very reasonable price tag at that – we sincerely admire it. And hope those other hoverboards would take note and follow suit.


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