Mark Cuban Builds Own Hoverboard

Mark Cuban recently announced that he is launching a Kickstarter campaign for a new hoverboard range by May 31. If you are wondering how this new hoverboard is different, well, let me count the ways.

Mark Cuban Hoverboard’s Defining Feature: High Price

For starters, the new hoverboard, which Cuban named as Radical MOOV, will cost you an arm and a leg. Kickstarter stated that those who pledge support early are entitled to avail of the scooter for $1,099, the retail price. However, once the hoverboards start hitting the market, the price will be $1,299.

Both of these price tags are still outrageously expensive, especially when competing hoverboards go for as little as $209It is understandable how Cuban and Radical Transport, the startup producing MOOV, were able to identify the steep price-tag. Based on the announcement, the manufacturing of the MOOV hoverboards will take place in Dallas, Texas. 

This is not unlike saying the next generation iPhones will begin selling at more high prices. Once Apple starts relocating its manufacturing facilities from China to the U.S. The cost of manufacturing the hoverboard will only go up so Cuban will have to backup their pricing just to recoup the investment.

Mark Cuban launches MOOV Hoverboard on Kickstarter

Can MOOV Stake Exclusive Claim To Hoverboard Safety?

Radical Transport is careful to underscore that a number of their competitors build their products in China. 

“Everyone else uses Chinese manufacturers,” Cuban said in a CNBC report. “We completely redesigned the boards using our own [intellectual property] and will make the boards in the States.”

The argument is that this particular factor may have something to do with the quality and safety of the self-balancing scooter. What Cuban failed to mention, is that there is now an existing security standard for hoverboards called UL 2272.

So, regardless of where to produce any hoverboard, the current safety testings are the same for all. Some competitors currently dominating the market are already certified. The mean-looking Swagtron T6 and the refined and significantly cheaper Levit8ion Ultra already count with a UL compliance. With a UL certification, the hoverboards are safe from fire hazards. The MOOV hoverboard is said to be still in the process of complying and securing their own UL 2272 certification.

MOOV Public Release

No one knows when MOOV is going to hit store shelves. But, according to Kickstarter, it will be soon. That possibility will largely depend on the success of its Kickstarter campaign.

Certainly, the campaign has a lot going for it. It has a 9-inch wheel, a size which in our experience is critical to the stability of the scooter. It also has aluminum unibody construction, which is quite different from the modular designs of many competing hoverboards.

Regarding aesthetics, it is very subdued. It currently looks okay and stylish even, but you are probably wondering: If the hoverboard has been used and the tire has accumulated dirt, would it still look sleek?

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