Memorial Day Hoverboard Deals

Get the best Memorial Day deals on hoverboards

Unless it is Black Friday or Christmas, it is hard to find hoverboards that go on sale beyond 10 percent on other days of the year. Certainly, there are some that offer discounts, but these hardly qualify as blowouts. That is why we were surprised to find some hoverboards getting as much as 60 percent price drop for Memorial Day.

Best Memorial Day Hoverboard Deals

We got this delightful deal from Levit8ion, which is offering a limited promotion for a holiday. It entails 50% off of the current pricing. What is particularly remarkable is the sale covers all hoverboards in the Levit8ion range.  So, for example, the 10-inch Levit8ion X, which has a regular price of $549.99, is now worth $269.99. Meanwhile, the 6.5-inch Ion got a remarkable price cut – from $309.99 to $209.99.  

Now, the 60 percent deal is available if you purchase a second hoverboard in a grand bundling strategy. Once you buy a discounted hoverboard, your second purchase still enjoys the 50 percent discount. On top of that, however, you are also entitled to an extra 10 percent discount.

Levit8ion launched their Memorial Day Sale a few days ago, and it appears that the hoverboards are selling briskly. Their flagship model, the Levit8ion Ultra, is now out of stock. One can never know if the other hoverboards are poised to follow suit.

Other Memorial Day Sale Events

Elsewhere on the web, discounts are sparse for other hoverboard brands. We did find some deals at Amazon worthy of attention. Such as a UL certified 6.5-inch model, being sold for $239.99 by Tablet Box. This price point is still heftier than the $209.99 sale price for the base Levit8ion Ion model.

Sky for Less, a relatively unknown hoverboard brand, is also offering several of its hoverboards on sale. The discount offers will be up and running from today until Memorial Day. To cite an example, there is the 6.5-inch chrome pink hoverboard. Which is now priced at $249.95 down from the $399.95 original price.

Finally, Swagtron is also holding one sale event that will end on June 1. This involves the so-called “recertified” Turbo Five Hoverboard. It is not clear what exactly is “recertified” or that if it is different from refurbished. The company merely mentioned that this particular scooter had been updated with new features. It costs $199.99 from its $300 regular price.

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