Does riding on hoverboards count as exercise? Try these hoverboard exercises

Since the hoverboards started gaining popularity, people wonder if they can be used to exercise. Although most hoverboards don’t allow too much freedom when riding it, they can make the rider break a sweat. Most people claim hoverboards provide the same exercise like walking, while others say it’s no exercise at all. Still, most people […]

Are flying hoverboards going to dethrone real hoverboards?

Flying hoverboard vs real hoverboards

Everyone knows that hoverboards currently in the market do not float. But as the emerging technology continues to escalate, real hoverboards are more likely to hit the market sooner than we thought. Technology companies have already started showing off their hoverboard prototypes in cool videos and even social events. As far as we can tell, […]

What are hoverboard companies doing about the sudden drop on sales?

Riding a hoverboard

Hoverboards became the latest trending product last year and even was the trending product for Christmas. However, hoverboard sales have thrived through customer backlash and rough reviews. Hoverboard companies had to fix the problem immediately. The problem quickly made its way to the news when people began reporting hoverboards exploding or even catching on fire. […]

Hoverboard Film 101: How can my hoverboard help my film career get on track?

Hoverboard film: Filming on hoverboards

Are you stuck in your filming career and can’t find the right equipment to shoot sick scenes? Hoverboard film might offer an answer. With a hoverboard, you can get excellent shots for your film, whether is for a school project or just for fun. Now, the latest hoverboard models featuring an “all-terrain” mode. And there are […]

Practical applications for hoverboard technology

Hoverboard technology 2017

The hoverboards have started gaining a good reputation again. At the same time, people have also begun integrating its use to their profession or hobby. Practical applications for hoverboard technology are making waves in social media. Finding another use for hoverboards depends on how creative you can get. If you pay attention to all features of any […]

Best Memorial Day discounts on hoverboards and monitors

Latestboards offer you the best Memorial Day discounts on hoverboards and more

Knowing what your money can buy means you can spend it wisely on the best Memorial Day discounts. And learning how to stretch it can make a difference. You can choose between getting just one device and getting three for the same price. We’ve compiled a list for all tech enthusiasts who want to take advantage […]

Memorial Day Hoverboard Deals

Get the best Memorial Day deals on hoverboards

Unless it is Black Friday or Christmas, it is hard to find hoverboards that go on sale beyond 10 percent on other days of the year. Certainly, there are some that offer discounts, but these hardly qualify as blowouts. That is why we were surprised to find some hoverboards getting as much as 60 percent […]

Hoverboard vs. HoverBike: Pros & Cons

Even though hoverboards are a relatively new item in the market, the fast-pace of emerging technology is pushing the boundaries of what people perceive as a breakthrough. Smart motorized vehicles such as Levit8ion hoverboards have a new competitor stepping into the ring. That’s right, the HoverBike, an upcoming project on Kickstarter is catching everyone’s attention. But […]

Levit8ion Ultra Reimagines The Hoverboard

Careful not to disturb an existing successful product, many hoverboard companies are content with following the tried and tested formula. Generic + safe + competitive pricing. This is not exactly a wrong thing because it does keep the profit flowing. What it adversely affects, is innovation in the case of the Levit8ion Ultra. By playing […]