We love ourselves a good, reliable product that offers both quality and value for money. This leads us to one of our favorites, the UL-certified the Levit8ion X Plus, the 10” Smart Self- Balancing 2 Wheel Electric Scooter that boasts of front LED lights, Bluetooth feature, original Samsung battery, and mobile app. The scooter features sensors that flawlessly executes detect when the rider leans in a particular direction in such a way that it is almost like reading your mind.

Now, this is slightly more expensive than some entry-level hoverboards out there, but we believe – basing on the specifications and our actual hands-on experience – that the price is justified especially in respect of the benefits afforded by its size as well as a number of its unique features. These are best demonstrated in the outline of the Levit8ion X’s specifications.

The Pros

  • UL certification for electrical systems for self-balancing scooters – a crucial factor for fire safety and regulatory compliance, and something that some boards on the market, unfortunately, do not offer!
  • Up to 7.5mph in speed and up to 264lbs in load
  • 3 to 12.5 miles in approximate range for maximum fun and enjoyment
  • About 1.5 hours in charging time of Samsung lithium-ion battery
  • Durable motor power and moderate speed offering – not too fast, not too slow
  • Battery: Lithium-ion Battery 36V 4.0AH
  • Power requirement: AC100-240v/50-60HZ
  • Value-adding features that include Bluetooth and remote control
  • W./N.W.:33.00lbs/27.50lbs
  • Package size: 27×11.4×11.6inches
  • Flexible range of eye-catching colors and designs
  • Manufactured by a US based company w/ English-speaking US based customer service


The Cons

  • Relatively higher-priced than top hoverboard on our review list. We find, however, that this product makes up for it with the feature offerings and bigger size for a larger chunk of sporty excitement for both adults and kids
  • Hoverboards suffer from bad rap due to poor manufacturing standards, previous recalls, and UL certification issues, so having due diligence to research the best product is a must. (Start with a good look at all our reviews, yes?)


The Verdict

Bigger, cuter, but just as powerful as our top board of choice, this hoverboard is a smart option if you’re planning to purchase one for yourself, your kids, godchildren, or anyone who has a flair for a small, portable sports vehicle. We don’t complain much about the price is a bit higher than others since it’s 100% legit and its manufacturer is known to put a premium on quality and safety aspects. The cute designs are a bonus, too – we’d love to cop this baby as a luxurious starter board!