Police Indicts Dentist In Alaska For Extracting Tooth While Riding A Hoverboard

A dentist in Alaska found himself in hot water after authorities learned that he was riding a hoverboard while extracting a tooth from an unconscious patient. Identified only as Seth Lockhart, the dentist purportedly sent a video documenting the process to his office manager.

The police also found similar footage in Lockhart’s mobile phone in the course of the investigation. It is not yet clear if riding a hoverboard is a customary practice for the dentist. However, Lockhart has already been indicted and is facing criminal charges for unlawful dental acts as well as 17 counts of Medicaid fraud for allegedly charging patients with expenses that are not required. These included a $1.8 million medical bill charged to a patient who undergone unnecessary procedures.

On the hoverboard stunt, Lockhart reportedly texted a colleague bragging about his antics, indicating that it is the new standard of care. The police also found that Lockhart has asked his office manager to perform tooth extraction even if she does not have a medical license.

Riding a hoverboard

Meanwhile, the hapless patient knew nothing about the incident since she was unconscious the whole time the risky operation was performed.

Riding a hoverboard can be dangerous is used outside its purpose

This particular episode adds to a growing number of cases wherein hoverboards are not being used for their intended purpose. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that these scooters are moving electric vehicles and there are specific risks entailed with riding the scooter while doing tasks that require precision and involves the lives of others.

True, many hoverboards now offer mechanisms and features that ensure perfect balance for its riders. For instance, the Levit8ion Ion is outfitted with smart sensors that can self-calibrate to compensate for shakes and imbalances. However, the fact remains that hoverboards are to be used for fun above all else.


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