If you are browsing this website, please be aware that there are instances when we may collect user information but this is mainly for the purpose of improving our service and content.

For example, we analyze IP addresses to identify trends or understand user engagement. We may also turn to user-generated data to identify and address problems in our servers and applications.

These being said, our policy is that these user data are not shared with any third party. We are also not in the business of leasing or selling such information.

We, however, employ third-party tools to understand user behaviour. These include Google Analytics, which tracks the interaction of users with the website.

We compile these data in the form of reports to help us provide more relevant and interesting content to our visitors.

You may be assured, however, that these tools are not collecting personal information. Individual data are collected anonymously.

We do not link IP addresses to personally identifiable information, and we also do not distribute or share IP information with any third parties.

Google Analytics also does not collect personal information as it reports trends and user behaviour without collecting names and other personal data.

For tips and information, you can contact us at info@latestboards.com.