Why Refurbished Product Is Better Than Brand New

Buying a refurbished product might be the best thing to do nowadays
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People usually balk at the idea of purchasing a refurbished product. The impression is that these products are substandard and are often mistakenly equated with a defect or product failure. In some instances, a refurbished product is even better when pitted against their brand new versions.

What is a Refurbished Product?

Some products fail in service, and these are returned, then repaired or modified. Later, refurbished products are usually outfitted with new components. Therefore restoring them to a state equivalent to a brand new condition, for a fraction of the price. Interestingly, there are cases when the refurbishment even causes a product to be even better than brand new condition. This happens when the process adds better hardware or leads to longer preventative maintenance intervals. Then, the process increases in cost-effectiveness.

Most companies have adopted the manufacture of refurbished productEven industries focused on precision and safety such as the medical and aerospace fields recognize the quality and reliability of a refurbished product. Several studies indicate the refurbishment process has no effect on future safety. In contrast, it even adds value due to the opportunity for product improvement. Which addresses critical issues such degradation of assurance. Apple does this all the time on its own iOS devices.

Certainly, there are instances when refurbished products have inferior quality than brand new products. There are even cases of failures, but this also happens on items fresh out of assembly lines. You can just turn to the way some Samsung Galaxy Note 7 began exploding due to a battery design flaw.

Refurbished Product vs. Brand New

In the case of refurbished goods, there are mechanisms to avoid inferior products. One of the most important points to look for is if the product has a ‘certified refurbished’ label by its manufacturer. For example, when we tried the Dell 70-inch refurbished monitor from Nov8tech, results exceeded our expectations. We found that there is no difference at all in the area of performance. When set side by side a brand new version, we couldn’t tell which was which.

If a third party takes over the refurbishment process, make sure that it strictly follows industry standards. For example, the EPA lists several standards for good refurbishment practices.

Be sure to check the refurbished product you are purchasing. If you do due diligence with your purchase, you stand to gain immensely from the entire affair. Get the same technology, same quality, and performance at a fraction of the cost.


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