Are Segway Boards safe for children? Know the basics of segway safety

MiniPRO Segway by NineBot

Segway boards are a new sensation going through some sharp changes. For the past year, Segway manufacturers from all across the world have learned from mistakes. Self-balancing scooters have plenty to offer kids from ages 10 and above.

With the Segway’s gyroscope doing most of the balancing for you, kids can easily learn in a matter of minutes. What’s more, most videos on YouTube about Segways have children and teenagers as hosts.

Safety Showdown: Hoverboards vs. Segway MiniPRO

The Segway miniPRO’s speed caps at 10 miles per hour, and it can take its driver along a 14-mile distance with a single charge.

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The miniPRO’s design makes it, so it is easy to master, unlike other hoverboards that are stored away to save up on dust because they’re hard to maneuver. Its large wheels and wider platform provide a sense of security, which greatly surpasses that of common hoverboards.

Transportation at its finest

The wheels are also a great asset. They allow the Segway miniPRO to go over humps, slopes, and crevices that spell trouble for most hoverboards and electric scooters. The maximum slope angle for the Segway miniPRO is 15°.


A unique app

Another great feature is the innovative miniPRO app. It offers the same functions that come with standard hoverboard apps, such as speed and battery control.


This app goes one step further, as it lets the user customize the miniPRO’s frontal and rear lights, as well as the integrated anti-theft system.


Security features to protect your miniPRO

Yes. The Segway miniPRO is perhaps the only motorized scooter with an implemented motion-sensitive Anti-theft system.


When activated, the miniPRO will send a warning through the app if it registers the slightest movement. This lets the user keep an eye on its transporter without it being within eyesight. Also, the app allows remote driving, so you can have the miniPRO come to you if walking is not possible.

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