SKQUE 10″ Smart Hoverboard

The SKQUE 10-inch hoverboard is quite popular for a reason. Its big wheels allow for a number of advantages that guarantee better hoverboard experience.

For instance, you get to have better balance and stability, making it perfect for those who intend to use it outdoors. In this condition, there is an increase risk of falling since the scooter has to navigate a busy streetscape. Certainly, you could also drive it off-road and the hoverboard will never struggle with rough terrain such as grass patches or if the walkway is riddled with gravel and and even small tree braches.

You should discover some nice little features as well when you start putting it through its paces. For the first day, this author has been quite engrossed riding it around. By nighttime, I was ready to give it a rest until I found that the hoverboard’s LED lighting has enough illumination for me to keep on trudging on.

The SKQUE 10’s size also means that it is packing a decent amount of power. Indeed, it is rocking a 500w electric motor under the hood. This particular specification could spend the 44,000 mAh battery for around 2 hours riding.

Look out for these other cool features:

  • Skque 10” is one stylish hover board, with the cool LED lights, remote control and built in Bluetooth speakers that makes you stand out from the rest.
  • The large wheels offers stable ride and allows you to go over rough terrain.
  • Feature such as the remote control makes the self-balancing scooter fun and easy to use, with it you can turn the Segway on and off at will
  • The battery life is surprisingly long and quickly charges, allowing you to enjoy hover boarding for hours.

Of course, this is not a perfect world so, naturally, we found some points in the SKQUE 10 to criticize. Take the case of the built-in speaker. It allows you to play music from your Bluetooth enabled device/phone, but not everybody has the same taste in music as yours, others may be annoyed with how it could blare in such an in-your-face manner. The SKQUE 10” is also not the fastest hover board in the market although it makes hover boarding safe for teens and children.

Finally and most importantly, this hoverboard ships with an eye-watering price tag. It retails from $549.99 to $749.95. There are hoverboards that have similar specs such as the Levit8ion X or those that hoverboards have even better design language and these come at signifacantly lower prices. The X, one should note is only being sold for $299.99, an astounding $150 pricing discrepancy.

If you have money to spare, then – by all means – get the SKQUE hoverboard for yourself. It is a solid and reliable vehicle but if you want a more sensible purchase, then you can find suitable alternatives.


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