If you’re on the lookout for a kid-friendly, adult-savvy sports vehicle with all the posh and advanced features, this UL-certified 8” self-balancing 2 wheel electric scooter hoverboard is your top choice – and ours, too. For starters, let’s delve on the product description. These self-balancing boards claim to use “very clever” sensors for detecting when you, the rider, are leaning in a certain direction, with the electric motors in turn spinning the wheels to move toward that way. All you have to do, according to the product pitch, is shift your weight in the desired direction – the board can eerily know where you’d like to go.

What this tells us and what our actual product trial shows is only one thing: this board is made to help you avoid hassle and achieve easier mobility. As an upside, it’s only about 1.7 KG heavy, making for easy carrying around and out of the house. It packs quite a punch in its ability to climb up to 15 degrees, as well as navigate in a zero degree corner without much struggle. The speed is just right at 10mph maximum (you can trust that you’ll neither go too fast nor too slow), and the 36V lithium battery got you covered for lasting fun and enjoyment.

When it comes to safety value, it also scores high and isn’t found wanting. This product is armed with UL certification for fire safety, regulatory compliance, and the peace of mind you deserve during use.

The Pros

  • UL/CE certified charger Samsung Detachable Battery, which you can replace and upgrade anytime. UL certification is very important as required by law for fire safety and alleviating similar safe use concerns
  • 50% weight each side to keep it auto balance before turn on and after turn off, and much more stable, easier and safe to ride, especially for beginners
  • Value-adding features such as double Bluetooth speakers, HD screen in handle, aluminum alloy body, Bluetooth Connection Display, speedometer, power gauge, and LED automating lighting
  • Reaches a 10-mile distance with optimum 10pmh maximum speed – a great balance of fun and safety
  • Can be used by both newbies and pro riders, kids and adults, and even people who don’t have the best mobility and balance skills
  • 9 inch tire diameter for the right mobility in certain directions, on top of zero degree needed for cornerning and 15-degree max elevated angle for climbing
  • Manufactured by a US based company w/ English-speaking US based customer service
  • US-certified for quality and safety, unlike boards from fly-by-night manufacturers and cheap assembly facilities elsewhere
  • Sleek, stylish, and lightweight for easy lugging and outdoor/out-of-town adventures!


The Cons

  • Much better-performing and built than the classic-version hoverboard, shattering the reputation of basic board models
  • Hoverboards suffer from bad rap due to poor manufacturing standards, previous recalls, and UL certification issues, so you really, really need to do research. The upside: you’ve got the right board right here.


Overall we’re glad to stumble upon an honest, legit and high-quality electric scooter/hoverboard like this one. It makes for great gifting for children and even the young at heart – an easily maneuvered board that’s stylish, sturdy, and with much better features than its steeply priced counterparts in the market today.


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