LOOK: The Canceled Sonic Hoverboard Game

There is no denying the popularity of hoverboards when game studios are taking note of the phenomenon. The company called Vision Scape recently pulled the integration of the levitating vehicle on its Sonic Hoverboard game. Or more specifically the Sonic Extreme game concept.

The studio had to cancel the game shortly after its release. But it left a trail of materials online that give us insights especially since to how exciting the game looked and felt. Take the case of the trailer below. Sonic was shown hoverboarding to his heart’s content, cruising a level with friends called the Free Riders. Watch them perform impressive hoverboard acrobatics using the skateboard-like levitating hoverboard. They used the levitating hoverboards instead of the more mainstream two wheel balance scooters.


There are also videos showing the proposed Sonic Extreme gameplay. This shows a single-player campaign mode based on the Green Hill Zone.

Sonic’s hoverboard skills remain to be seen

At this point, it is not yet known why the hoverboard-riding Sonic game didn’t launch. Some sources revealed that Sega purportedly pulled the plug when Vision Scape submitted the design documents. Everything went dark after that.

So far, Sega has not released any official statement that officially closes the door for the Sonic game with the two wheel balance scooter. This, at least, should give us a sliver hop that the match could still surface sometime in the future.

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