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The Top 3 Hoverboards by battery life range for 2017

top 3 Hoverboards

When it comes to finding the right hoverboard, sometimes it’s easy to forget how important battery life is. It is annoying to be rolling around and having to stop the fun to go home just to charge your new hoverboard.  However,  we have selected the top 3 hoverboards with the longer-lasting and more potent batteries. […]

The hoverboards with the best Bluetooth speakers

We all know that not all Bluetooth speakers work properly. On the other hand, some have a Bluetooth connection that works perfectly but the speakers are poor quality and it’s simply not worth it. If you are a music lover, then you definitely will want a nice hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers included. But, what’s the […]

Levit8ion Ultra Reimagines The Hoverboard

Careful not to disturb an existing successful product, many hoverboard companies are content with following the tried and tested formula. Generic + safe + competitive pricing. This is not exactly a wrong thing because it does keep the profit flowing. What it adversely affects, is innovation in the case of the Levit8ion Ultra. By playing […]