Regardless of how similar they look, there is that special hoverboard that is simply a cut above the rest. Take the case of the X Plus, one of Levit8ion’s smart two-wheel scooters. On the surface, it has the same visual design philosophy with some 10-inch hoverboard rivals including its sibling, the Levit8ion X. Under the hood, however, its Samsung battery module tells a whole new story.

Samsung Battery

For starters, the Levit8ion X Plus boasts of the same motor power as the X hoverboard. Also, however, it is rocking a Samsung battery. This is particular is not what you would call as earth-shaking. It’s just a battery, so what? The hoverboard gets you from point A to point B roughly in the same way as the X. It looks as awesome and powerful so what will you need a Samsung battery for?

In a previous post, we talked about the way hoverboards lean towards the heavy side even the smallest hoverboard available in the market, the 6.5-inch scooter. Imagine if your hoverboard has exhausted its battery and you are forced to carry it home. That would look problematic especially given the 10-inch scooters’ big body.

Extended Hoverboard Range

The Samsung Battery Module of the Levit8ion X Plus is 100% removable

The Samsung battery addresses this issue by extending the Levit8ion X’s range. Thus, making it easier for you to focus on just enjoying your ride. There is a better opportunity for you to estimate the time you are taking the hoverboard for a spin and the time you can ride it home on time for charging. One should note that the battery is also removable. Which means you can buy an extra module and swap once the battery got drained.

Aside from the Samsung battery, the Levit8ion X Plus also ships with a mobile app. This feature reinforces the scooter’s credentials as a smart machine. With the app, you can boot the scooter up remotely. Users can get the hoverboard to move and do some nifty tricks such as turn on the LED light or change its color.

Levit8ion X Plus counts with a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices