The hoverboards with the best Bluetooth speakers

We all know that not all Bluetooth speakers work properly. On the other hand, some have a Bluetooth connection that works perfectly but the speakers are poor quality and it’s simply not worth it. If you are a music lover, then you definitely will want a nice hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers included.

But, what’s the best option available? We have selected for you the top 3 self-balancing scooters with high-quality Bluetooth speakers, so you can enjoy selecting your favorite tunes while you’re rolling.

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Halo Rover Official Hoverboard

  • It comes with Bluetooth and a mobile app
  • It’s water resistant, thanks to its IPX4 Certification. It’s the best hoverboard if you are looking for an all-terrain scooter. You can ride it in mud, sand, snow or pavement at 10 mph.
  • It includes Halo Bluetooth Speakers
  • It comes with a carrying case, LED Lights to let you know how much battery is there left and UL-2272 certification.
  • While most of the other hoverboards have only one way to ride, the Halo Rover can fit your style by giving you the possibility to change from Learning, Normal to Advanced Mode. You can customize the board to your riding style within the app.

Segway miniPRO Small Self-Balancing Personal Transporter

Though the brand claims this is not a hoverboard but the “next step in the evolution of two-wheel transportation” we have decided to include this fantastic self-balancing scooter because not only it is hand-free and the safest on the market but also it includes some very nice features.

MiniPRO Segway by NineBot
The MiniPRO Segway by Ninebot is nothing but a fresh take on how the hoverboards can vary on perspective. Image Source:
  • The battery lasts longer than many other hoverboards on the market, with a 14mile range at 10mph
  • It adapts to road obstacles easily.
  • The mobile app included allows you to control the scooter and to keep it safe with an anti-theft alarm.
  • Automatic LED lights enable you to ride at night comfortably with a clear vision.

Jetson V6

  • Reviewers claim that this scooter has the best sound quality of all.
  • Its maximum weight limit is incredibly high: 300lbs
  • It includes Bluetooth 4.0 speakers
  • The frame is made of steel which is a very resistant material. Most hoverboard frames are made of aluminum which is less resilient.
  • The app is very user-friendly and allows you to set a maximum speed (between 4-12mph), Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced mode, set Driving Force, Acceleration, Steering Sensitivity and even Shutdown Time.

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