The Top 3 Hoverboards by battery life range for 2017

top 3 Hoverboards

When it comes to finding the right hoverboard, sometimes it’s easy to forget how important battery life is. It is annoying to be rolling around and having to stop the fun to go home just to charge your new hoverboard. 

However,  we have selected the top 3 hoverboards with the longer-lasting and more potent batteries. All of them are UL2272-Certified to ensure a safe and fire-free ride.

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StreetSaw DailySaw 6.5”

First of all, this is one of the fastest hoverboards on the market reaching over 10mph with a 265 lbs weight limit. It’s colorful, fast, and powerful. It comes with integrated Bluetooth speakers, LED lights to lighten your way at least 6.5 feet in front of you and to indicate your battery life.

The battery can last approximately 5-6 hours at 10.5mph (the estimated range is 12 miles). Additionally, you can have your battery charged again in 60-90 minutes.


Jetson V8

This all-terrain self-balancing scooter is not only powerful but also includes IPX4 water resistance to enjoy riding on grass, gravel and other surfaces. The dual 400-watt motors reach speeds of 10mph. The built-in Bluetooth speakers can keep you entertained while enjoying your ride.

For advanced riders or even beginners, this hoverboard can roll in 3 different speed modes, all of this can be controlled from your smartphone with the free smartphone app. The battery lasts 12 miles and can be charged in only 90 minutes.

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EpikGo All Terrain 8.5”

This big toy is 1/3 times larger than usual hoverboards and nearly twice as powerful. The LG Smart battery is one of the safest and most powerful on the market. It’s water resistant, and the rubber tires are rated IP56 which means that this hoverboard is protected against high-pressure water and dust ingress.

The battery charges quickly and the 400-watt Dual Motors can last over 10 miles in “tough road” conditions. If you are looking for adventure and a far from common choice, this hoverboard can fit your needs.


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