Top Hoverboard Design: All Metal Domination

In all this time, I realized that I have never really gotten around to doing a list of best looking hoverboards available in the market so far. This thought has come to my mind as I observed how more and more self-balancing scooters that flood the market today are starting to look a bit generic.

Epikgo Hoverboard

Let me begin with Epikgo Classic. This hoverboard looks very rugged and this design footprint lets it stand out from the bulk of smart balancing scooters out there. The addition of metal in the body’s construction also enhanced its appearance. You should watch out for the high-tread tires. While it makes the hoverboard an all-terrain beast, it tends to accumulate dirt more than most of its rivals and the depth of the treads makes it a struggle to clean up.

This being said, you should already know that I am partial to designs with metal, aluminum or steel materials. This should make sense to you because their texture ensures that the product looks and feels premium and very well put together. In this vein, I would like to present the second cool-looking hoverboard, which is rocking an all-metal body (broken only by the footpads): the Levit8ion Ultra.

Levit8ion Ultra


The Levit8ion Ultra hoverboard is significantly flashier, sporting mean ridges that bolstered Ultra’s industrial design philosophy. To top it all, there is the uniquely positioned handle that doubles as an LCD screen, giving the scooter a futuristic edge. Unfortunately, this hoverboard is quite popular and it is consistently getting out of stock.

I would also like to cite the Levit8ion X’s grafitti variant in the runner up position. The design is generic but this particular model features awesome and vivid graphics that does not fail to command attention.

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