What are hoverboard companies doing about the sudden drop on sales?

Riding a hoverboard

Hoverboards became the latest trending product last year and even was the trending product for Christmas. However, hoverboard sales have thrived through customer backlash and rough reviews. Hoverboard companies had to fix the problem immediately.

The problem quickly made its way to the news when people began reporting hoverboards exploding or even catching on fire. The word got out in social media and even on TV reports, claiming that their hoverboards had a battery fault.

As it is with most products, hoverboard companies had to recall a large amount of product. The massive hoverboard recall was due to a battery malfunction.

This, in turn, didn’t help regain the hoverboard reputation on track. However, the UL Safety Certificate made the hoverboard come back on the best-selling list of products on Amazon.

hoverboard companies are addresing the sudden drop on sales

Learning from the Ion battery issue

Not unlike Samsung with its Galaxy Note 7, the manufacturing process cut some corners and didn’t follow standard safety procedures.

This wasn’t the case for a few companies. Many did not only saw this production defect coming from the start but also seek preventive measures.

Since the implementation of the UL 2272 Safety Certification, all flawed manufacturing process were corrected and standardized.

What has the UL safety certification done for hoverboards?

Notably, the UL compliance enabled the hoverboard companies with a constant number of sales throughout the year. Still, the 2017 brought a sudden drop in hoverboard sales and businesses. Thus, betting on it to thrive and eventually jump into millions sold.

The drop in sales could be just temporary until the hoverboard safety compliance bring the hoverboard’s reputation back.

As far as numbers go, the hoverboard sales could witness a significant uptick in the upcoming months. Hoverboard companies are far from backing down on promotion. And customers continue to follow the trend, without mentioning the fidget spinners.

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