What’s the fastest hoverboard currently sold on Amazon?

When thinking about the fastest hoverboard, one can only filter them by thinking about its top speed. Most hoverboards go just little over 7 miles per hour to ensure the safety of the driver. For experienced users, it becomes easier to control high speeds without crashing into a wall or another person.

Additionally, it is not common to reach top speed when riding a hoverboard. Although, the occasion may arise when one just needs to get from point A to point B fast.

You can use your Skque X1 as soon as you take it out of the package

Not many hoverboards are marketed with speed as their main feature. It may be due to people still not comfortable enough with hoverboards safety. Others can hesitate on the hoverboard being capable of reaching high speeds. Fortunately, the Skque X1 Series provides top-notch speed while also encouraging a safe ride.

Fastest hoverboard

Fastest Hoverboard Intro: Standard features

The Skque X1 can withstand a 264 load thanks to its 350-watt dual motors. It can travel 20 kilometers on a single charge, and it takes just one hour to reach full charge. The fastest hoverboard comes with three different wheel size options. It also includes a smart balancing wheel and the standard wall charger.

Fastest Hoverboard: Safety before speed

The Skque X1 is as safe as it can get, as it comes with the UL 2272 certification. It has an excellent motherboard coupled with some of the best gyro sensors in the industry which result in a smooth ride in almost any terrain.

To use it, one only needs to press its power switch, and step on the platform. As the user puts its foot onto the scooter, it will self-balance to allow putting both feet down with ease. It can be used at night thanks to its built-in LED lights, and it comes with a Bluetooth speaker that’s easy to configure.

Excellent maneuverability

One of the most exciting features of the Skque X1 is that it allows for a zero-degree turn radius, meaning that you can control it without any trouble in very tight alleyways. It also allows the user to turn 360 degrees in place, thanks to its driver motors that react to each foot individually.

If the Skque X1 caught your eye, then don’t hesitate and order one on Amazon RIGHT NOW for only $377.42.

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