Where to find the best hoverboards to buy this Summer 2017

Finding the best hoverboard deals for this Summer can be a challenging task.  However, most hoverboards count with a UL 2272 safety certification, assuring the battery’s reliability and endurance. Therefore, people who are reluctant to buy a hoverboard due to battery issues are now less. Now, we’ve compiled a list of the best selling hoverboards in the US and abroad.

For hoverboard enthusiasts wanting to save a few bucks this summer, visiting our friends at Nov8tech and Levit8ion can bring

Levit8ion ULTRA

The new Levit8ion Ultra offers the best from the X Plus model, with new enhancements and features. Enjoy of more maneuvering skills with its Dual Sine Wave control system. Also, the Levit8ion Ultra is the only hoverboard that offers a high-quality lithium battery and removable.

Hands down, the Ultra hoverboard offers the most features, including a built.In LCD screen that displays speed, temperature, battery, and status. Plus, it’s the only hoverboard with a carrying handle for a better grip.


This hoverboard is built with premium materials and will last longer than most of its competitor. The ION was one of the firsts to offer a dual 200W motor capable of getting up to 14 Km/h. Also, its turning radius is 0 degrees, allowing for more control and a better ride overall.

The levit8ion flagship sure did learn about the ION model’s mistakes to improve the new generation hoverboards. Plus, buying the Levit8ion ION comes with the perk of soliciting customer support.


The Levit8ion X  hoverboard offers the safest riding modes, hands down. It’s technology sensors not only helps you balance immediately but also enables you to explore new territory. You can easily learn to ride your model X hoverboard in a matter of minutes, with a self-balancing feature.

Riding a hoverboard

Also, the hoverboard’s companies  UL compliance makes the smart motorized scooter a safe and reliable product. That’s why all hoverboard-manufacturers adopted it as the standard for hoverboard safety. Model X is categorized as an all-terrain hoverboard, so you can take it to the beach, on grass fields or ride through streets.


The Levit8ion X Plus also counts with an “all-terrain” mode. The X-Plus bigger platform increases stability, making it a great product for both newbies and professionals. What differentiates the X Plus hoverboard from the X model is its Samsung battery module.

With its 10-inch rubber tires and 120 Kg weight capacity the X plus can offer an excellent experience to all users. The X Plus got a power boost with a 350W X 2 motor. This bad boy can get up to 13 Km/h, and its Samsung battery assures a safe ride.

You can even control your hoverboard remotely with the X-Plus Bluetooth and mobile app feature for iOS and Android.


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