Which is the best hoverboards for kids?

Children are fascinated by hoverboards. But we know that they are not always safe for them. It is important to know which are the best hoverboards for children, as these may vary in size, price, and overall reliability. Kids do not need the most expensive hoverboard, but they do need the safest.

First of all, any hoverboard considered “safe” comes with a safety standard known as UL 2272. This certification means that the product has been tested for a broad range of events including overcharge, usage resistance, weight overload, water exposure, balance and circuit related issues.

This ensures that the hoverboard won’t suffer from an electrical failure or catch fire. Make sure that whatever hoverboard you choose for your children or yourself has the proper safety standards approved by the Us Consumers Products Safety Commission.


If you’re looking for a safe and specialized entry-level bet the Swagtron T5 is definitely the best choice for your children. Not only for its safety but because it was specially designed for beginners.

Why the Swagtron T5 should be your new family member

It’s ok if you have small kids who are not entirely familiar to hoverboards. The Learning Mode option will allow your children to practice before rolling around freely.

It has an additional safety certification known as the Swagtron SentryShield Multi Layer Protection Technology. It is under the newer UL-2271 certificate, which assures that the hoverboard won’t be a fire hazard for children.

Unlike other hoverboards, it doesn’t incline beyond 15 degrees which make it more difficult for the kids to fall. Other hoverboards on the market allow a 30 degrees inclination. Its highest speed is seven mph to prevent accidents.


  • If you are willing to try the hoverboard yourself, it allows a maximum load of 187 pounds (85 kg)
  • It weighs only 20 lbs, so it’s easier to carry even for kids.
  • It’s one of the most economical hoverboards on the market right now.
  • Made of polycarbonate covered in silicon, this self-balancing scooter won’t cause any trouble regardless of the environment’s conditions
  • It has a battery management system so that your children know how much fun they’ve got left. Additionally, the batteries are longstanding and extremely secure.

Undoubtedly if you are new to the whole hoverboard world, this beginner’s hoverboard will suit your family. Hoverboards come at an accessible price makes it easier for you to buy one, get yours now!

For more information on the features of the Swagtron T5 or to order yours immediately for only $249,99 you can visit Levit8ion. 


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