Why are Fidget Spinners such a big hit in the United States?

Fidget spinners

We currently live in a world where trends can make a profit if the timing is right. And many businesses and manufacturers can take advantage if they work hard and capture the right moment to supply high demands. 

With that in mind, the creators of fidget spinners saw a window of opportunity and didn’t hesitate to take advantage of it.

Fidget spinner

But why are fidget spinner so famous? Simple, it was all about timing. There was a void waiting to be filled, in the US for instance, when it comes to the new trend, the latest hit. Thanks to a proper marketing through social media outlets, a simple product made out of bearings and fresh colors managed to make it all the way to the top of best selling items this year.

Even though its primary function is to rotate between the fingers of its user, the little spinners are currently shipping nationwide in the US and even abroad. As for social media, spinning fidgets have already taken over, with countless photos and videos of users showing off new tricks and whatnot.


  • They take away problems such as anxiety, stress and overall boredom
  • You can take them anywhere with you due to its small size and weight
  • Fidget spinners are easy on the eyes and have great appeal to youngsters
  • Easy to use, easy to take and easy to buy
  • Spinning fidgets are sold for about $10 and $15; we sell them for half the price
  • Multiple tricks to learn in the YouTube Community


  • Childish look on grown-up users
  • A distraction in reunions, classrooms or social activities
  • Easy to lose or misplace
  • Only provides a nice sensory feel when spun
  • Possibility of the fidget spinner trend blowing off

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